Kiwi.com upgrades to new instant search technology

Lutz Vorneweg

Director Central, Eastern & Southern Europe, Amadeus IT Group

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Time is of the essence when it comes to travel search. Customers want results fast. Think milliseconds, not seconds. Oh, and they also want lots of choices. And competitive rates. Anything less could mean a missed booking.

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Online travel agencies, like Kiwi.com, know this. That’s why the company is embracing the need for speed and the thirst for choice by upgrading to Amadeus Instant Search technology, providing a unique search solution. Now, Kiwi.com will be able to calculate 750 million flight combinations in the blink of an eye. This will help reach more customers than ever before.

Our partnership with Kiwi.com is a special one. We watched it grow from a small start-up to a popular online travel agency with more than 50 million daily searches. From the get go, we saw that it was a very innovative company with a clear vision to make travelling simple and accessible to everyone. This custom built travel search solution will help it fulfil that vision. From a backpacker looking for the cheapest way to get to Prague, to a business person searching for a timely flight to London, this technology will deliver accurate comprehensive results in milliseconds.

Our instant search technology will give Kiwi.com a solid foundation for growth and the power to handle any traffic spike thrown its way. We look forward to being with them side by side on this journey.

You can learn more about the ins and outs of this partnership in the Amadeus Newsroom.


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