Keeping the brain of travel alive while respecting the environment

Matthias Koll

Data Centre Infrastructure, Amadeus IT Group

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Electricity consumption represents our main direct environmental impact and therefore garners special attention. Approximately half of our electricity consumption comes from the Amadeus Data Centre in Erding (near Munich, Germany).



Just like a human brain – the ‘brain of travel’ – is kept alive by electricity. And our brain requires a lot of it to process more than 400 million travel bookings a year.

Renewing the efficiency energy certification

Last year, Amadeus Data Processing GmbH, renewed the energy efficiency certification from TÜV SÜD initially obtained in 2010. The certification process involves an in-depth review of the Data Centre operations, as well as recommendations for improvement. In addition, we continued our regular environmental audits, carried out three times a year by Bureau Veritas, in which security, safety and maintenance checks are performed.

During the year, thenew energy annex buildingbecame fully operational, providing almost double capacity of power and cooling for the three firecells of the Data Centre, increased free cooling capacity and reduced cost by optimising the use of cold water provisioning from our own well.

Amadeus data centre erding

Other measures to improve efficiency

Other measures to improve efficiency implemented or recorded in the year include the replacement of the two oldest cooling machines, serving the Operational Bridge in the Data Centre Building. On the other hand, the change from fluorescent to LEDs lamps in the three fire cells of the Data Centre (approx. 700 lights) resulted in energy savings of more than 270,000 kWh per year, which is approximately equivalent to the monthly electricity consumption of300 American homes.

Check out ourCorporate Sustainability Reportto learn more about what we’re doing to be environmentally responsible.


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