Keeping your business travellers happy now means spending less

Sara Van de Pontseele

Global Marketing Manager Corporate IT, Amadeus IT Group

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I feel happy when I gain new experiences and insights, and challenge my boundaries while travelling for business. However, returning from a trip and claiming expenses can be rather painful. I’m still using the ‘envelope method’, a simple but low-tech way to organise myself and to get my expense report turned in on time. When I don’t do it, I have to hunt down receipts in bags, pants pockets, and purses, then figure out where that 5€ went that I forgot I used to tip hotel staff. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

the journey of the corporate traveler

Company expenses

And I’m not alone. In fact when it comes to business travel, 71% of corporate travellers cited convenience as playing a large role when making bookings, according to a new study by the GBTA Foundation and HRS. This same study found that automated expense reporting played a significant role for 52% of business travellers. These factors are just a few that have led organisations to seek new tools that allow them to control direct and indirect travel costs, and enable a smooth travel experience, while helping employees personalise their travel in the most efficient way.

In response to these trends, we’ve launched Amadeus cytric Travel & Expense. This agile solution combines both an Online Booking Tool and an Expense Management System in one integrated solution. This allows corporations to manage their travel programme in one platform and through mobile, increasing traveller efficiency on the go – no more losing receipts!

Full integration across different stages of travel programs and interactive business intelligence dashboards help travel managers optimise travel policy, monitor costs, and reduce travel spend.

On the go trip management

For business travellers, the cytric Mobile Companion application gives travellers the option to manage their trip on the go anytime anywhere. It allows them to check in online, access airport maps and hotel routing, contact travel agencies, and see their flight information. Most importantly, it gives business travellers the ability to see their expense approval status and scan expense receipts with their mobile, thus removing the dreaded ‘envelope method’ and hours of expense filing.

See the savings

Automation brings savings, which the finance team will appreciate. The average cost of a manually processed expense report is €23.48, whilst the average cost for a fully integrated T&E solution is €6.05, according to a 2015 Paystream advisors report. Having an automated expense management system increases compliance with corporate and legal policies. Standardised expense policies across your business help minimise the risks associated with uncontrolled spend and fraud.

Compliant but personalised

Corporate HR should know when, where and how their employees are travelling. Amadeus cytric Travel & Expense’s advanced search algorithms enable specific results to be displayed for each search, based on the travel policy, price and comfort criteria, popularity, and the traveller’s overall booking history. It also filters the options to provide personalised recommendations for each traveller.

An automated system means that the corporate policy is present throughout the entire booking and expense process. This allows corporations to retain control and visibility over the strategic investment they make in travel. What’s more, the Travel Management Company servicing the booking is empowered to deliver the best service for the customer.

At the end of the day, it’s all about keeping business travellers happy and free to focus on their real mission during a trip.

Have a look at our infographic outlining the journey of the happy corporate traveller and the importance of personalisation.


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