It's time to reinvent the airport ecosystem!

Patricia Simillon

Head of Strategic Marketing, Airlines, Amadeus IT Group

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Airports, airlines, ground handlers - part of a unique ecosystem dependent on strong collaboration between its players to service the diverse needs of today's passengers. But airport customers are disillusioned - unhappy with the fragmented nature of their journey, unsatisfied with the facilities on offer at airports, frustrated by queues and lengthy airside processes, disgruntled by the lack of personalisation provided at airport touch-points.


These observations have emerged from in-depth research which takes a close look at how passengers perceive their interaction with airport players today, and what their demands are for an improved airport environment 5, 10, 20 years from now. Whilst some passengers desire a full-service airport, complete with fabulous shopping, fine dining  and entertainment with games, others require a functional, no-frills model getting them from A to B at minimum cost and with maximum efficiency. Between these two extremes lie a whole host of airport models which each ecosystem must evaluate in terms of operational, financial and logistical capabilities - the ultimate aim being to drive increased passenger footfall and spend.

Reinventing the Airport Ecosystem

is an industry report based on input from futurist researchers, industry experts and airport stakeholders. It carries out an extensive analysis and evaluation of all aspects of the airport landscape and looks at how the evolution of new airport models will transform the travel experience for passengers.

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May to download the full report.

Update 24 May: You can now download the report here:Reinventing the Airport Ecosystem