Is travel content the key to customer loyalty?

Ludo Verheggen

Director of Global Air Content Adoption Strategy, Travel Channels, Amadeus

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Ask any travel agent in the world: no matter how different their business and markets may be, all of them will probably agree on one thing – that acquiring new customers is difficult but retaining them is even harder. 

Competition is huge. According to the American Market Association, the average consumer is exposed to approximately 10,000 brand mentions a day. 

Loyalty rates are decreasing in all sectors, and travel professionals are putting in great efforts to revert this trend. Loyalty programs have always been an interesting option but according to some studies, when those programs focus solely on the awards, 77% fail during the first couple of years. 

Taking it personally

However, we all have in mind certain shops, brands or businesses that have managed to achieve astonishing levels of customer loyalty. I, for instance, have met travel agents who truly are human CRM experts: professionals who remember my first name, my last travel destination, what I enjoy doing on holiday and who I usually travel with. 

However, all that information would be worthless if it was not used to create a truly personalized offer. Because although the human touch is extremely relevant, the ability to create a tailored experience, adapted to your specific preferences and requirements, is simply priceless. 

From profiles to individual travelers

Every traveler is different. But we are also different from situation to situation, from trip to trip. We are not just profiles. What we need on a business trip differs significantly from what we need when we travel with our partner or embark on a family trip. It is the type of service we need on board, the accommodation we choose, the type of activities we do, and the products we acquire that defines what type of traveler we are every single trip. 

In the travel distribution industry, all those components that define your trip and, ultimately, define you as a traveler, are called content. And, believe me, there is no personalization without it. 

Travel sellers will always need a comprehensive portfolio of content options to create the traveler’s perfect trip. But also, very specific content can enable travel professionals to differentiate themselves from their competitors, to be able to offer something just a little bit different.

In a world where so much choice is just a click away, specialization and personalization have proved to be the two pillars that steadily support customer loyalty. The truth is that in travel, there is no personalization without content choice. Same as there is no specialization without content. 

At Amadeus, we work hard to bring all relevant content to travel sellers. We know that loyalty is a hard task, but retaining customers is fundamental for success. And this is why traveler loyalty is one of the top trends we expect will transform travel in 2020. And once more, content and technology, paired as one, will be the way to make it happen. 

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