Introducing T3CH - our global conference on the future of travel technology

Denis Lacroix

Senior Vice President, Core Shared Services Research & Development, Amadeus

In a changing world, travel remains a constant. Humans have always had an innate desire to travel and, today, this urge continues unabated.

However, the way we travel and the technology that underpins this enormous industry is changing – rapidly. This transformation presents both enormous opportunities - and challenges - as we in the industry constantly look for ways to improve travel, for the better.  

That’s why I’m delighted to announce that Amadeus will host the inaugural Transforming Tomorrow’s Travel event in Madrid on 26-27 March 2019 - our first ever event focused specifically on travel technology. We’re calling it T3CH and it will bring together the very best minds from across the worlds of technology and travel. I believe it’s going to be a transformational event for our industry. 

I am particularly excited to introduce our keynote speaker, Sir Tim Berners Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web, Director of the World Wide Web Consortium and one of Time Magazine’s ‘100 most important people of the 20th Century’. Sir Tim is certainly not afraid to be radical and believes that that we are only just starting to see the web's full potential: “it is changing the world, and we are still only scratching the surface of what it can do”. I am excited about his vision for the future and hope that his presentation will be a catalyst for disruptive thinking for everyone attending. 

Our event host is technology reporter Kate Russell, from the BBC’s flagship technology show, Click, and we will also be hearing from a whole range of other expert speakers from the biggest names in technology including Google & Expedia. And in addition to speakers, the event is going to feature a range of plenary and deep-dive expert sessions that will showcase the latest technology innovations and allow delegates to get to the heart of the burning technology questions of the day. 

Of course, the future of travel has to start somewhere and often, this journey begins with start-ups. Start-ups are critical when it comes to driving disruption and innovation in every industry, and nowhere is this truer than in travel. That’s why we want to hear from the best that the industry has to offer at T3CH. With that in mind, we’ll be inviting five of the hottest start-ups to pitch their ideas at the event. T3CH attendees will then all get a chance to vote for their favorite start-up, with a prize on offer for the winners.

And finally, at Amadeus, we believe that the real technology heroes are the people who create, implement and build the most innovative technology. Day in, day out, they strive to ensure the technology makes a difference, both for their companies and their customers - turning the future of travel from a dream into a reality. T3CH is just the platform – it is our attendees who truly are the transformers. 

So, if you work in the travel or tech industries, I encourage you to save the date and follow this link to register your interest and join the conversation on the future of travel. Innovation and disruption can only be made possible by the people who attend.

For more announcements on T3CH, watch this space.