Introducing our travel chain video series: trip planning and pricing

Ian Wheeler

Vice President Marketing & Distribution, Amadeus IT Group

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Our technology helps make the entire travel experience Brighter, Bolder, Better keeping us connected to travel providers, travel sellers and travellers alike at every step of the journey.

As a company that processes more than 650 million travel transactions per year, we are heavily involved in travel bookings. But did you know that our role goes far beyond this stage of the travel chain?

Today we are introducing the first video in a new series that demonstrates how Amadeus technology is present at every step of the travel chain.

The series opens with a look at the role Amadeus plays during the first step: trip planning and pricing. This is a key time during which we help customers plan trips intuitively, make travel provider content easily searchable, inspire customer loyalty programs and much more.

See some of our trip planning and pricing flagship products in action: Amadeus Master Pricer, Amadeus Affinity Shopper and  Amadeus Award Shopper.

If this video inspires you to reflect on travel experiences, why not take your thoughts over to our ideas for travel competition website where we are seeking suggestions to improve the travel experience.

The winning entry, as selected by our panel of travel industry figures, will win €20,000 and the opportunity to positively change the travel experience for all.


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