Introducing our interactive content map: global air travel brought to life

Fernando Cuesta

Managing Director, Spain & Portugal, Amadeus

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Imagine if the great world explorers like Balboa were able to see a visual representation of modern air travel. They would be awestruck by the boundless possibilities for exploration.

While it may be impossible to share the travel advancements of humankind with the very first world explorers – it is possible for you to see these remarkable advancements brought to life.

Travel content is one of our three key drivers of strategic differentiation for bringing value to our travel agency customers. The other two drivers, namely products & services, are maybe a bit easier to effectively communicate about and it's easier to understand the value that these bring. Content requirements can be different, though, for each and every single travel agency customer.

Therefore, we are happy to present our new interactive content map,a web-based tool that allows you to see all the direct flights departing 3,736 airports ranging from AAA to ZYL and everything in between, so that our travel agencies can have full visibility on the quality of our air content in their point-of-sale.

Not only will the map show what we have available for our travel agencies based on their relevant routes and carriers, it will also show you the key benefits attached to it:

  • Overview of carriers using Amadeus Altéa so travel agents can work on a single PNR between them and the airline
  • Seeing which carriers have content agreements
  • Which ancillary services are bookable
  • Knowing which airlines have guaranteed last-seat availability

Furthermore, booking instructions are tailored to the selected provider on the specified itinerary and for the required services.

This map will be continuously updated in order to properly reflect our constantly evolving air offers to our travel agencies.

Start exploring the full value of our air content now by going to www.amadeus.com/content!