Intermodality takes off in the European Parliament

Juan Jesús García Ph.D.

Head of Industry Affairs Europe, Amadeus IT Group

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This quote from Isabelle Durand, Vice-president of the European Parliament, conveyed a crucial message in the debate that Amadeus IT Group organised at the European Parliament to discuss Intermodality with representatives from European Parliament (EP), European Commission (EC), transportation and travel industry associations and passengers.

Intermodality takes off

The technology challenge to deploy a European Intermodal Transport System for passengers will require an open and collaborative approach amongst relevant industry stakeholders.

Deploying a European Intermodal Transport System for passengers is one of the goals established by the European Commission in their White Paper for Transport and it is a key item in the current political agenda in Brussels.

Several initiatives are being undertaken by the Commission to accomplish that goal and we can say Amadeus is closely engaged with them in some relevant ones. Just an example is the recent EC contract awarded to a European consortium led by Amadeus to deliver a study and a series of technological proofs of concept on a European Passenger Transport Information and Booking Interface across transport modes.

For Amadeus’ Industry Affairs this event in the European Parliament represents an important milestone in our effort to become a key EU helper in the area of technology for travel and transportation. Through this initiative we also aimed at fostering the debate around this topic amongst key EU decision makers that have an interest in Intermodality such as railway undertakings, airlines or public and private ground transportation operators.

The debate was intense and a number of issues were raised by some of the participants in relation to the technological, market and political challenges that the deployment of an Intermodal Transport system is currently facing. Amadeus was represented  by Tom Drexler, Head of Rail & Ground Transportation, who shared our views and some of the technology solutions we have developed to enable multi-modal distribution.

Tom highlighted two important areas where Amadeus will be contributing to achieve the goal to enable a seamless intermodal transport system: innovative technology and collaboration with other industry stakeholders.

From Industry Affairs we do believe that helping to deploy an Intermodal Transport System for passengers in cooperation with the European Commission and industry stakeholders represents a wonderful opportunity for the industry and passengers alike. This initiative can result in benefits for the many parties involved –travellers, the industry… Together we can shape the future of the transport system.

The Intermodal journey has just started.


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