Insurance: a rising star in the distribution space as travellers increasingly view it as a must have

Daniela Taylor

Head of Insurance, Amadeus IT Group

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A recent survey conducted by Zurich Insurance Group in seven European countries reveals that although Europeans remain deeply concerned about the economic crisis, when it comes to reducing expenses, dining out, holidays and clothing are often subject to cuts while insurance is viewed as an essential expense.

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Not surprisingly, according to the survey, -entitled “Insurance is no luxury in times of economic crisis”-, respondents from all countries agree that the need for good insurance coverage has not changed. This seems to be even more the case in the travel sector.

As travellers, we are all becoming increasingly familiar with different types of disruption such as delays, cancellations and lost baggage. This  triggers travellers’ purchase of travel insurance, often at the last minute of their purchasing process and normally for a short period of time.

Keeping travellers informed

In fact, when it comes to dealing with critical and unfamiliar situations within the travelling experience, travellers want to be well informed and aware of the claiming process. Therefore it becomes crucial fortravel agentsto be able to clearly explain their customers what exactly an insurance coverage can offer them and be prepared in the event of having to experience any type of travel disruption.

Travel agents also need to rely on good technology and products they can offer to their customers in order to meet their needs and requirements.Amadeus Insuranceis a fast and easy way to sell insurance with one click, following the concept of impulse purchase. It is fully integrated in the Amadeus Selling Platform and available for online distribution through Amadeus e-Retail engine, Amadeus e-Power and Web Services.

Amadeus Insurance is also displayed on www.checkmytrip.com: any PNR containing an insurance segment can be viewed there.

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