Innovation and collaboration bring airlines together in the Middle East, Turkey, and Africa

Maher Koubaa

Executive Vice President Airlines, Middle East, Turkey and Africa, Amadeus

At the Amadeus Airline Forum in Dubai, 24 airlines came together to discuss innovation and collaboration at the first airline forum in the region. Mega carriers and also small local airlines attended, a testimony to the diversity of the region. And yet, everyone found common ground in lively discussions around innovation in the aviation industry across Middle East, Turkey & Africa (META) and how we can work together to create memorable journeys.

We shared insights into delivering richer customer experiences online, maximizing the value of merchandising, getting the most out of customer loyalty programs, and emerging payment solutions in the region. 

Through live demo sessions, we presented new developments in machine learning, big data and blockchain, discussing new prototypes that are already in development and opportunities for unique pilots. This new generation of travel technologies offers endless opportunities at all stages of the journey – from an initial search to bookings and payment – to better connect the region’s travel industry while improving the travel experience for millions of people each year.

These innovations can also help airlines to face a fast changing and increasingly competitive market where the search for value plays a decisive role in how travelers find, compare and book their journeys in this part of the world. Meeting traveler expectations requires airlines to explore new ways to innovate, stay agile, and to control their operations in real-time.

We also discussed opportunities such as new digital platforms and distribution channels that airlines can use to reach customers at the right place, at the right time, with the right product. Furthermore, we talked about embracing NDC, its latest applications, and how Amadeus’ ownNDC-X programcan help airlines drive new revenues and business opportunities.

For my Amadeus colleagues and I, the most important part of the event was being able to meet and have one to one discussions with our customers. Their feedback is vital to revisit the way we do things and focus on their priorities. We only succeed if our customers do. This is an exciting time for the travel industry and together, we look forward to connecting travelers to the journeys they want.

Maher Koubaa
Maher Koubaa at the Amadeus Airline Forum in Dubai