How information technology supports sustainable tourism

Lucas Bobes

Head of Sustainability, Amadeus IT Group

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Travellers today are more socially and environmentally conscientious than ever before. They want to use their trips to promote sustainability. The UNWTO Affiliate Members Global Report on the Transformative Power of Tourism highlights the real-life initiatives illustrating the potential of this ‘transformative tourism’ and I had the opportunity to contribute insights about Amadeus’ role in this trend.


Climate change is one of the major challenges the travel industry is facing. Therefore, it’s of vital importance to measure, manage, and reduce carbon emissions. There are a broad range of carbon calculators, but it’s difficult to cope with the very different carbon emissions estimations they offer.

Addressing the Issue

We’re addressing this issue by partnering with the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) to use their aircraft carbon calculator in all our distribution and IT platforms. The ICAO carbon calculator provides the legitimacy, commercial neutrality and global reach which are needed for establishing an international standard. With this powerful tool at our disposal, we can increasingly offer solutions that display post trip reporting, carbon offsetting options, and comparability for any trip.

We want travellers to be able to see their carbon emissions information regardless of the reservation platform or travel provider. The airline industry, given its predominantly international nature and the use of global standards, is well positioned to achieve this, but for other more local tourism industry sectors, the task is arguably more challenging.

We’re in touch with more than one million travellers every day. As such, we have a responsibility to bring the travel industry together towards our common sustainability objectives, while raising sustainability awareness among tourists. I’m confident that our technology can help us lead the way towards a carbon natural and sustainable travel industry.

To read my full article, download a copy of the Global Report on the Transformative Power of Tourism.


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