[Infographic] The Rise of the Mobile-App Empowered Traveller

Ghassan Teffaha

Head of Mobile WEMEA, Amadeus IT Group

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But, how far have mobile apps really come in the past few years? We decided to explore this question and some of our findings, which you can see in this infographic, show just how dramatic the growth of mobile apps in the travel lifecycle has been.

ssa infographic

There seems to be an app for every phase of travel – from inspiration to arrival. And as travel becomes more personalised, the potential of apps to influence our purchasing decisions, while creating merchandising opportunities for travel players is limitless.

The Tremendous Growth of Mobile Apps

Some of the numbers are truly staggering: 45% of travellers have used an app to help them plan travel, 61% of business travellers check-in to their flight via a mobile app, and 70% of travellers use a social app to share and relive their experiences.

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