[Infographic] The global travel ecosystem: a more personalized traveler journey

Daniel Batchelor

Global Head of Corporate Communications, Amadeus IT Group

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We’re working towards this vision by taking the complexity out of travel buying, while evolving travel shopping to ensure travelers have an efficient, effective and richer experience.


Delivering the right product to the right traveler at the right time through the channel of their choosing in a way that inspires, informs and excites them is our vision for the future of travel.

Providing enhanced and more personalized servicesto connect airlines, other travel providers, travel agencies and travelers in an intelligent and open global travel ecosystem that matches supply with demand in real-time is where this vision starts.

Driven by technological change, increased consumer sophistication and the demand for more personalization, we’ve created the tools for travel providers and travel sellers to continually and consistently offer their customers the journeys they deserve: through a single customer view that gives providers and subscribers the ability to access and manage the traveler through one single integrated platform at every stage of their journey.

This means a richer experience for all, from that first moment of inspiration to beyond the end of the trip. It could also mean unlocking more than $130 billion of revenues for airlines by 2020.

We can deliver this. But how?

Check out this interactive infographicthat explains just how we are working to deliver our vision to the travel industry and be sure visit www.amadeus.com/130by2020for more information on this exciting topic.


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