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Renaud Nicolle

Head of Specialty & Networks, Global Customer Group, Amadeus IT Group

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These industries are key to the global economy as they not only provide the resources necessary to keep it moving but also, move some 90% of the goods and resources consumed around the world. Imagine the massive amount of travel it takes to get the crews to ships and engineers or technicians to rigs on time, anywhere in the world.

Julius Romero is 45 and has worked in the oil and gas industry for the past 15 years. He works on a drilling rig as a health, safety & environment officer. Every five weeks he has an epic commute from his rig off the coast of Russia to his home in Manila that involves a boat transfer or a helicopter ride, layovers, hotel stays, several flights and airport transfers. Julius is one of the thousands of fly-in, fly-out workers, employed by the shipping and energy companies, whose travel plans must be coordinated with military precision so that his oil rig can operate and turn a profit.

Travel management for these industries involves complex logistical requirements that are compounded by tight deadlines and frequent last-minute booking changes of multi-sector, long haul itineraries. These large groups of people travelling from all over the world need to arrive at the same time, often in non-mainstream destinations which require a deep level of expertise.

High Pressure

TMCs working in this context know that the pressure is high and mistakes are expensive. If Julius or one of his colleagues is late to port during a shift change, an entire oil rig operation can be driven to a halt, which can cost their employers tens of thousands of dollars a day. If those challenges weren’t already enough, tumbling energy prices mean that Marine & Offshore customers are looking to cut costs on travel without cutting corners on duty of care and efficient shift changes.

Amadeus’ global reach and vast breadth of content allow our TMCs to manage highly complex itineraries in the most volatile circumstances. Our technology helps to integrate and automate critical processes like workforce management and travel planning, end to end itinerary management, payment and duty of care. This drives better cost management combined with a high standard of service.

And so it is against this backdrop that Amadeus commissioned and released the ‘Marine & Offshore Travel: All hands on deck’ paper that looks at how the Marine & Offshore industry is changing in the current macro-economic environment and how travel management companies can face these new challenges head-on. The paper includes in-depth interviews with key travel players including a range of Marine & Offshore companies, leading TMC players, experts from Amadeus; and of course employees like Julius.

Download the full 'Marine & Offshore Travel: All hands on deck' report here.


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