In case you missed them — our top blog posts from September

John Webb

Social Media Consultant, Amadeus

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Fall is in the air as October gets underway – unless of course you’re lucky enough to be in the tropics.

Open for business - The value of Open Source Software in transaction processingSeptember was another lively month for Amadeus with the release of our landmark thought leadership report on open source systems by the renowned Professor Jim Norton – entitled Open for business.

We also had some other big announcements and insightful blog posts – so check out the cream of the crop from September below.


How did Amadeus unlock the truth about the world’s busiest air route? Ask a room full of airline executives to name the world’s busiest air route and you will get a lot of suggestions. But we were able to uncover the truth behind this mystery – find out how we did it.


The Airline Industry - Inventory Control and PricingThe Airline Industry – ripe for change in Inventory Control and Pricing Deregulation of the aviation industry in the 70′s introduced fierce competition between airlines and gave them much more flexibility in the creation, valuation and pricing of their products – but is the industry ripe for change now?


iOS6 PassbookiOS 6 Passbook – Apple is ready … so are we! Apple recently unveiled its new operating system, iOS 6 and introduced its new travel tool Passbook. Have a look at what we’re doing to take advantage of this new feature.


When a picture is worth a thousand words… We took 22 pages and 12,000 words from Open for business – Amadeus’ latest landmark whitepaper – and turned them into our first ever sharable dynamic animation.


How Amadeus is developing technology to save fuel for industry partnersAmadeus enters the Dow Jones Sustainability Index Amadeus made its debut in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index as the top scorer of our sector of 57 companies.