In case you missed them — our top blog posts from February

Steve Joseph

Head of Content & Social Media, Amadeus IT Group

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February was an exciting month for us with the launch our newly designed websites in the Middle East and beyond, great news in the Indian sub-continent as SriLankan Airlines joined the Altéa community, and the fascinating industry debate that took place at the Amadeus Airline Schedules conference.

In case you missed them — our top blog posts from February

We also had several other interesting blog posts – have a look at a recap of the cream of the crop below and let us know what you’d like to see more of in March.

UK and Ireland Business Travel Insights: The 21st Century Business Traveller

The 21st Century Business Traveller report highlights the opportunities to help travellers and corporates succeed in today’s fast-moving business landscape by presenting a useful snapshot of today’s business traveller in the UK and Ireland, which will be of interest to corporate travel managers and road warriors alike.

The Me Effect: A look into Asia Pacific’s five emerging traveller types

While travel in Asia Pacific in the past has often been undertaken in large groups through leisure packages sold in bulk, or in large organized business groups, future travellers will be in smaller groups, or alone, and for a much wider range of reasons. Our landmark study examines these traveller types and more.

Complete door-to-door travel experience just around the corner as we team up with Cabforce

The future of travel is inter-modal – and our new partnership with Cabforce highlights this reality. Corporate travellers will be able to easily pre-book their own taxi rides and travel agents will also be able to book door-to-door packages and provide unique value-added content to their customers.

Travel providers will need to respond to the rise of the Asia Pacific female business traveller

Women use different processes than men to make travel, so responding to this will be critical for travel providers to win over the female traveler. Our study estimates that international business trips by women will increase 400% by 2030.

6 key factors for the future of European passenger rail

Our comprehensive European rail industry report examines the six key trends that will shape the evolution of the passenger rail industry, and its relationships with other modal providers in the period to 2020.