In case you missed them – our 2013 travel industry studies

Steve Joseph

Head of Content & Social Media, Amadeus IT Group

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This year is off to a prolific start in terms of our travel industry studies. Already, we’ve published three game changing papers – have a look at them all below in case you missed them previously.

Clearing the Cloud: Best of Open Systems and Cloud for hotel business optimisation

Building off the publication in 2012 of Open for Business– this trailblazing hotel industry report explores how hoteliers can benefit from Open Source Software and calls for them to embrace this technology to experience all the benefits of cloud computing without the associated risks.

Shaping the future of travel in Asia Pacific: The big FOUR travel effects

This landmark study outlines four key themes or “The Big Four Effects” that will drive significant change in the Asia Pacific travel ecosystem over the period to 2030.

These effects include:

  • The Me Effect– The fragmentation of the travel market into ever-increasing niches.
  • The Red Tape Effect – The breaking down of barriers to travel within the Asia Pacific region.
  • The Leapfrog Effect – Technology, infrastructure and behaviors in the Asia Pacific region will leapfrog ahead of those elsewhere.
  • The Barbell Effect –Growth particularly at the upper and lower ends of the travel market.

UK and Ireland Business Travel Insights: The 21st Century Business Traveller

This reportexamines how travel managers can best meet the evolving needs of both the business and the traveller and provides action points to help corporate travel departments maintain and grow their relevance to the business.

The research pinpoints some areas where travel managers can make improvements:

  • Equip travellers to deal more effectively with changes to their travel arrangements.
  • There is a clear appetite among business travellers for services that enhance their travel experience, such as the option to include self-funded leisure travel.
  • Put the expertise of your department into your travellers’ hands by allowing travellers to use their smartphones and tablet devices to plan, book and amend their travel arrangements.

Expect more intriguing travel industry reports on this blog throughout 2013.

Which one have you found most useful?


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