Improving and differentiating, without losing the focus on travelers

Victoria Gorzio

Head of Business Travel LATAM, Travel Channels, Amadeus

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Gone are the days when travelers had to stand in queues to book their journeys. Or spend days researching and comparing hotels or, burden themselves with intense paperwork for billing and payments after trips. Technology has disrupted the travel industry completely; it was one of the earliest adopters of digital transformation.

Over time, the growth in global travel and technology transformation has triggered the development of advanced planning and execution tools. Travel technology companies like ours today make it possible to execute highly automated systems for the sector. We believe that the heady mix of digital transformation and keeping the traveler at the heart of what we do can help customers and the industry to flourish.

A similar belief is shared by Domiruth, a leading agency in Peru that specializes in business travel. After spending over three decades in the industry, Domiruth wanted to grow further and adapt to the needs of today’s travelers. They approached Amadeus for solutions to improve its business and differentiate, without losing the ‘main-focus’, the traveler.

We signed a distribution agreement to provide several solutions to improve internal processes, the information within databases, and management of clients. By becoming a key part of Domiruth’s digital transformation for automation and data analysis, we can also enhance the services they offer to clients and realize our joint philosophy of keeping the traveler at the center of what we do!

Among the solutions that Domiruth will implement is Amadeus Selling Platform Connect,our leading cloud-based user interface for travel agencies designed to improve performance and productivity. The agency will also have access to Amadeus Touchless Solutions,a flexible automation platform, with robotic modules designed to process complex and repetitive tasks. Finally, Domiruth will benefit from Amadeus Agency Insight Productivity Tracker which optimizes performance at every level and at every stage of the booking process.

These tools provide an effective portfolio of solutions to be able to deliver more personalized and detailed offers to its customers. Powered by Amadeus, Domiruth can now expand the range of services for businesses and travelers, as well as improve response time to client requests. It will also have the advice and support of a team of experts to ensure access to the latest technological innovations through the constant optimization of Amadeus solutions.

Having said that, digital transformation/technology transformation can help travel brands across the sector keep up with the times. Today, the traveler has multiple options, channels and resources to build a perfect journey, all thanks to evolving technology. We believe that by adopting and embracing new technology,travel brands can get closest to their clients and offer something absolutely remarkable.

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