Ideas for travel judge interview: Ian Wheeler, Amadeus

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Head of Content & Social Media, Amadeus IT Group

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Ian Wheeler, Vice President Marketing & Distribution at Amadeus, is the next Amadeus ideas for travel competition judge to step into the interview chair.

Read on as Ian, who is responsible for leading Amadeus’ distribution business by setting global marketing and sales strategies for the company’s main customer segments, talks about the importance of innovation and new thinking and gives his thoughts on what is driving change in the travel industry.


Ian Wheeler


 Why are new ideas important to the travel industry?

Travel is an ever-evolving process which relies on innovative and new thinking – they are its life blood. If new ideas were to stop being thought up and implemented the industry would stagnate and suffer hugely.

What role do you believe the ideas for travel competition can play in helping to improve the travel experience of today, tomorrow and beyond?

As the technology partner for the travel and tourism industry, Amadeus wants to go one step further by being the “enabler” for creating a Brighter, Bolder, Better travel experience. The competition has provided a space for travel experts to share and talk about their ideas, and has offered unique insight into the issues that most affect or concern members of the industry.

Which areas of the travel industry do you believe are best positioned to develop and grow?

Technology is the chief driver of change. Portable technology, and in particular smartphones and tablet computers, have the ability to improve the travel experience as they connect travellers to information whilst they are on the go. These 'always on' devices are providing countless new opportunities to both help improve the trip experience itself, and help improve communication and productivity whilst on the move.

What changes made in the travel industry during 2010 stand out to you as being the most significant?

Though not a change in itself, last year saw the influence of Asia continue to grow. Not only is the region a popular destination, but its increasing affluence is giving Asians greater spending power and opportunities to travel internationally. Our recent Travel Gold Rush 2020 report, which assessed travel industry trends over the next decade, predicted that Asia's continued development will see the region represent one third of travel spending by 2020, up from 21% today.

Thanks for your time and answers, Ian.

You can find more information about Ian Wheeler by visiting the senior management pages on our websitehere.


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