It’s been just over a month since

So far, we’ve received 234 entries spanning a range of different areas within the travel industry.

The tag cloud below provides an interesting overview of the keywords associated with the ideas submitted.

ideas for travel hashcloud


It’s great to see that, at this early stage, the travel experience is a major focus for entries with comfort, experience, leisure travel and destination four of the most used keywords. Addressing the user experience is one of the biggest challenges for the industry and the competition is receiving plenty of fresh ideas and perspectives.

Air travel and hotels are the most popular types of travel and it is no surprise to see that innovation is another of the most commonly used keywords.

Are these keywords representative of the kind of areas you believe the travel industry and experience can develop for the future?

So what’s your big idea?

Submit your entry tothe ideas for travel website, it could net you a cool €20,000 if the panel of judges share your vision, while prizes of €2,000 will go to the five most voted ideas on the competition website.

With four months left until the deadline for competition entries, we look forward to building on this promising start with more great ideas.

Help us make the travel industry Brighter, Bolder, Better in 2011 and beyond.

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