How we saved 150 pulp trees with a new printing system


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Posted by Stuart Brocklehurst (Group Communications Director, Amadeus IT Group)


It’s the small things that add up when it comes to reducing your carbon footprint.

In June 2011 we implemented FollowMe - Uniflow, a badge-based printing system, throughout the Amadeus Sophia campus.

Have we really reduced our environmental impact with FollowMe - Uniflow? The answer is yes!

With FollowMe - Uniflow, we save paper in two different ways.

We no longer print cover pages, and not every job sent to the system actually gets printed if users send several versions of the same document.

Taking into account the number of double-sided pages, we saw a net savings of 1,247,293 sheets of paper, or 32.1%, for July through December 2011 in spite of a slight increase in the number of users as well as printers.

This comes out to 2,495 packs, or 499 cartons, or 6,236 kilograms of paper. If stacked, the cartons would make a 130 meter tower. If the 1,247,293 pages were laid down next to each other, connected by their short side, they would span 370 kilometres, enough to go from Sophia to Marseille—and back!

An estimated 150 pulp trees would be needed to manufacture this quantity of paper. The weight equals that of more than 80 people. Keep in mind that all these numbers are for half a year only!

To see what other initiatives we’re taking to reduce our carbon footprint – have a look at our Environmental key performance indicators.


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