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How tour operators can simplify the journey to Destination X

Jose Raul Rodas

Head of Customer Solutions, Tour Operators & Cruise Lines, Americas - Amadeus

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“Make everything as simple as possible,” said Albert Einstein. The Amadeus report, Get ready for Destination X”, confirms that for travelers, simplicity reigns supreme. Before they arrive at destination, travelers want easy access to view and book tours and activities that match their preferences. Getting in-destination support at the touch of their mobile is their biggest pain point, followed by finding trustworthy reviews.

Travelers know what they want

The report details a host of traveler expectations on the road to Destination X. High on the list is receiving reliable, relevant dining and transportation recommendations that fit their lifestyles and preferences. Forty percent of travelers surveyed in the study said that amenities like dining and transfers actually make their trip more productive and enjoyable. Other favorite add-ons include tours, activities and attractions.

Second, travelers admitted to being frustrated by the absence of a single, reliable mobile access point that offers trustworthy reviews. Half of surveyed travelers said their mobile browser is the first place they go to discover “what’s out there.” Yet many feel overwhelmed when trying to decipher relevant amenities, how to book them, and whether the recommendations are trustworthy. This can be particularly frustrating when 85 percent of travelers delay making plans until the last minute – and the thought of combing through volumes of content, from multiple applications, can be daunting for almost everyone.

How providers can bridge the gap

Providers across the industry agree that content fragmentation is a challenge that will only grow larger as travelers request more add-ons at Destination X. The truth is, the travel ecosystem has not fully evolved to facilitate the level of aggregation required to fulfill everyone’s expectations. Yet solutions like standardized data, seamless communication protocols – and better booking, shopping and searching tools – offer a way forward.

To raise the level of accessibility and trustworthiness around reviews, service providers and destination companies must also find new ways to integrate their products and services into multi-service applications, i.e. chat, messaging, voice and web. Reviews, ratings and relevant notification “pushes” based on the traveler’s history and preferences will also help bridge the gap.

Amadeus makes the complex simple

Amadeus operates a tour package distribution platform that powers the largest marketplace in Europe, connecting nearly 250 tour operators using the Open Travel Data Standard (OTDS) industry protocol. The solution transmits tour operators’ data through the Amadeus system for use in travel search engines and mobile applications.

In addition, the Amadeus Mobile white label app for travel sellers gives travelers easy access to the trip information and services they want with our catalog of plug-and-play features, such as personalized ground transportation offers, and in-destination services supported by reliable Amadeus partners – and trustworthy reviews

It’s no doubt the path forward will continue to be long and winding. Yet one thing remains simple: Mobile provides the perfect platform for offering destination services on the road to Destination X. Amadeus is committed to helping tour operators better understand and address these challenges in the Live Travel Space, where all content is aggregated into one platform, making it easier for providers to deliver the level of personalization today’s travelers demand.

Learn more at Amadeus.com/DestinationX.

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