How to retain customers in the new age of travel advertising

Sol Freixa

Global Director for Travel Advertising Sales & Marketing, Travel Channels, Amadeus

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Travel advertising, as we know it, is changing. There’s an explosion of travel content as more and more companies customize their offers adding new types of services for an improved traveler experience. Additionally, travel providers want to connect with travelers directly to create more unique and tailored experiences. New content providers are emerging globally, while current content providers who are developing their own technology pose a barrier for third-party sales. 

As a result, more power is shifting to the traveler, with a big fragmentation of the business between key industry players. This poses a challenge for travel marketers. There’s pressure to deliver personalized ads and offers in real-time during a specific point along the traveler’s path to purchase. Even more pressure to meet Return on Investment (ROI) and profitability targets for advertising investments. And, the need to keep up with the dynamic advertising and technology landscape and understand how to use customer data more effectively. 

Now, more than ever, travel players must know their customers, what they want and what they respond to. Customer-centricity, ownership of their brand, and loyalty to retain customers are key. Travel players must offer an improved and unique omni-channel customer experience.  

This is where our Travel Advertising team can help. Our travel-specialized ad network manages the advertising on Amadeus sites, platforms, documents and extended partner’s channels with a focus on three main areas:  

  • Ad services: We provide consultancy services to any brand that wants to connect with travel agencies and travelers at any stage of the trip. We work together with our customers and build the advertising proposals through the Amadeus ad server’s intelligence.
  • Ad partnerships: We offer advertisers premium moments in the key stages of the travel journey. Our ad network serves millions of ad impressions daily. This means publishers can optimize their sites with unique targeting and travel-contextualized serving capabilities. 
  • Ad experiences: We help customers to master their digital transformation through innovative IT solutions that can be profitable thanks to the advertising. For example, building an app with Augmented Reality (AR) capabilities that can be monetized with advertising.

We work with travel brands across sectors – telecom companies, tourism offices, computers, smart phones and electronics, real estate projects, luxury goods, up-market fashion brands, duty-free shops, museums, cultural visits and airport services. Specifically in the travel space, airlines, hotels, car rental companies, cruise operators, insurance providers, travel agencies and airports are among our customers and partners. 

So, how do we do this? Our Travel Advertising team offers a myriad of advertising solutions adapted to your business goals and needs to help: 

  • Connect: Reach and engage with your customers when initiating the travel journey, when they are in an active state of mind: planning or enjoying their trip. Use Amadeus data to position your brand all along the journey and make an impact using exclusive positioning to differentiate from competitors. How? Premium travel advertising solutions through the Amadeus Travel Platform, trip documents, Check My Trip, and airlines websites. 
  • Delight: Make your customers return by bringing experiences to life. Treat your customers with the best experiences, using the latest technology and make sure you meet your consumers where they are, speaking the same technology language. How? Advertising experiences through AR and VR video solutions.
  • Grow: Own the customer, control how and when your brand is displayed, with an end-to-end control of the advertising content. Benefit from a new revenue stream to grow your business, as you guarantee the best content display by using travel targeting criteria in your channels. How? Amadeus Ad server.

Want to know how we can work together? 

Using a consultative approach, our expert team helps brands make the most of their digital transformation with the relevant advertising solutions. We come with in-depth travel knowledge and experience, and a multi-channel ad network guaranteeing message consistency across the traveler journey. By active listening, asking the right questions, aligning business goals with the right marketing channels and tools, and using them to boost revenues. We can help you gain a competitive edge by benchmarking against peers, and providing insights into industry trends, best practices and “what’s next.”

Ultimately, we want to help our customers differentiate themselves, so they can grow their business and create more value for every traveler. This is part of our vision to evolve from a Global Distribution System (GDS) to a more open, dynamic and connected Live Travel space, where all travel players can collaborate to deliver memorable journeys. 

Find out more about trip-contextualized advertising here.


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