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How to cross-sell ancillary services

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When you hear ‘ancillary services’, you think ‘air travel extras’. But there’s so much more cross-selling potential to uncover. Take the advice from Munckhof Group and focus on travelers, not guidelines.

Cross-selling airline ancillary services is one of the best methods for travel agents to maximize their revenue streams and an excellent opportunity to delight their customers.

Air travel products are still the most popular ancillary content, and approximately 1 year ago we showed you how easy it is to book them with Amadeus Ancillary Services for:

  • Pets
  • Seats
  • Bags
  • Meals
  • Airline fare families

“All the ancillaries that we need in one single system”

How your colleagues use ancillary services

Offering the right product to the right travelers at the right time – that’s what Michael Bots, Technology Manager at Munckhof Group appreciates most about Amadeus Ancillary Services.

But there’s more to it than that, ancillary services at Munckhof Group are part of a holistic sales process that is built around corporate travel guidelines, but meant to support travelers:


“The cross-sell popup helps our consultants make the right offer for our customers”


Custom customer experiences

For corporate travelers, the journey is often a necessary evil. Ancillary services allow you to create custom experiences for them – all within the corporate guidelines, of course – that make the trip more peaceful, more enjoyable, and more productive.

So it’s crucial that you don’t focus on those revenue streams we mentioned earlier, but that you evolve from a travel agent to a travel partner.


“Providing that extra bit of comfort can make all the difference”


Improve your bottom-line

Would you like to get access to more ancillary product services, open up another revenue stream and leave your customers well-satisfied?

Amadeus Cross-Sell Ancillary Services automatically pops up to show ancillary service-offers during your sales process – thereby boosting your revenue and efficiency.