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How the Live Travel Space can solve the fragmentation of travel content

Flavio Mesquita

Head of Retail - Americas, Travel Channels, Amadeus

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One of the most important issues in the travel industry is the fragmentation of content sources, especially air content. We have all gone through the experience of having a customer who purchases airfare in one place, book the hotel in another, rent the car in a third and so on. And of course, this is not counting the services at the destination, such as transfers and attractions.

It is not an easy process. Also for those who like to personally organize each element of the trip, there is a consensus that these steps could be more integrated. And this is a reality for many travel agencies, too.

This characteristic of fragmentation was especially highlighted in the Amadeus study “Get Ready for Destination X“, launched in March 2019. The research found that the fragmentation of content leads to growing frustration for the traveler. Most consumers say that they feel badly served when it comes to the destination.

Twenty-seven percent of travelers polled cite that the greatest frustration in booking services at the destination, is having to use different applications for this process. Another 17% reported difficulty in obtaining such services after arriving at the destination.

Although a huge pain point, it provides an opportunity for travel specialists to facilitate a seamless and enjoyable experience. Travel specialists have the expertise to organize the avalanche of information and put to rest any uncertainty about the best options available, something that many travelers currently need for Destination X.

So how can travel agents meet those expectations? With new tools and processes! Imagine, you have access to broad and diverse content that meets the different cost expectations and serves as many customers as possible, with everything integrated in the same environment.

It is precisely why we created the Live Travel Space. The concept of gathering all travel content in one place, regardless of the type of technological language or provider, is what guarantees the success of that platform. The Live Travel Space will allow the travel agent to offer a complete and personalized experience for their customers, eliminating frustrations with multiple points of sale and increasing security and satisfaction with each transaction.

Destination X showed that nothing is more valuable to the traveler than an exceptional travel experience. And the buying process is an important part of it. A consumer can overlook having an uncomfortable hotel bed, but will hardly forgive losing money and time with a fragmented booking process.

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