How the fast paced hotel industry can benefit from Open Systems

Jeff Edwards

Amadeus Global Hotels Group

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A generation has now grown up with the internet and open source. They want to work with these systems and tools rather than the closed and proprietary approaches that are frequently seen as more limiting.

How the fast-paced hotel industry can benefit from Open Systems

Developments in software and systems are prolific and it is only the open source community, with its millions of software architects, analysts, designers and programmers, that offers the rapid access required to both keep up and take advantage.

The combination of Open Source Software, Open Systems interoperability and open standards has created a self-reinforcing community of shared research and development and a pooling of creative ideas.

This leads to a stream of innovative applications for test and development, with those showing promise quickly adopted. By embracing an Open Systems approach, hoteliers are able to join this community and take advantage of the benefits.

Hoteliers, with chains operating 24/7 across continents, cultures and time zones, require technology that can efficiently reach consumers directly, is constantly evolving with the trends, integrated, scalable, cost-efficient and hides complexity.

Open Systems allows Amadeus to offer this whilst tailoring the technology to hoteliers’ specific needs which in turn allows the hotelier to focus on their growth strategies.

Have a look at our recent study Clearing the Cloud; Best of Open Systems and Cloud for hotel business optimisation for more details on this fascinating topic and be sure to download our comprehensive Open for businessreport.


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