How smartphones, the web and social media are inspiring ideas for travel

Jennifer Fernandez Radcliffe

Content & Social Media Senior Executive, Amadeus IT Group

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It’s fantastic to see so many people from such different parts of the world sharing some very innovative ideas and commenting on those submitted by others.

Just over three months ago, we asked travellers and travel & tourism professionals how they would improve the travel experience to make it Brighter, Bolder, Better. As part of the team running the competition, it’s become a daily addiction to check

the competition website.

So what’s inspiring these excellent submissions from across the globe?

One of the trends emerging is the impact of social media on travel. The growth of smartphone ownership and the increase of data points, such as Wi-Fi and 3G, are providing greater access to information and communications on the go – whether it be maps, apps, social media or the web, data has never been so accessible to us.

The possibilities that this opens up for the world of travel has inspired many of you with ideas ranging from enhanced, tailored trip planning/mapping, online communities to share experiences and tips, and applications to provide more information on cancelations, delays or updates directly to travellers.

There have been several ideas focusing on a version of online dating: registering online prior to a flight to ensure your seating is arranged with “interesting” possibilities. Another notable group of ideas looks at connecting travellers with local guides to provide a more authentic travel experience and also contribute to local development.

Travel is clearly more social than ever. The travel experience is not a faceless transaction, it includes personal factors and human interaction at every step: recommendations from other travellers, meeting people during the trip, concerns with sustainability and local development….technology is key, no doubt about it, but it seems from your ideas that the personal, human element should definitely not be underrated.

What do you think? How would you improve the travel experience?

Submit your idea for a chance to win the €20,000 grand prize at www.ideasfortravel.amadeus.com.

Jenny Fernandez can be found on Twitter at @jen_fdez