How our travel management company benefited from the Amadeus Selling Platform

Tom Roefs

CEO Munckhof

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As a travel management company – Munckhof focuses on - and specialises in – the mobility of people in the broadest sense of the word. We are a prominent player in the Dutch market and we target companies that really take a lot of business trips with travel budgets of up to €3 – 3.5 million.

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We consider it very important that we as intermediaries offer added value. Accordingly, I consider the development of ancillary services as a next step in adding greater value for our customers.

Since the rise of low-cost airlines, the number of paid services has expanded and there are now charges related to seat reservations and checked luggage. These types of ancillary services are also being implemented by regular carriers as part of their sales and it has been very important for us to find an effective solution to this and we have made great progress with Amadeus.

Now, Amadeus allows us to sell seat reservations, baggage allowances, and other extras via the Amadeus Selling Platform. And not only are additional sales automated, the payment processing is also automated. This has been enormously helpful in making the process efficient and has allowed us to effectively utilise our front-office employees.

We save an enormous amount of time, our customers are more and more satisfied, and we continue to discover new products available fromairlinecompanies that are also offered on websites, but that we can reserve via Amadeus. So we are very satisfied and so are our customers. And the ultimate advantage for our customers and employees is that everything is integrated into a single system, making the product attractive and giving us the opportunity to respond quicker to market developments.

When we started reserving ancillary services via Amadeus, we were presented with a new challenge. This involved new products, new entries, informing people and preparing people for sales using Amadeus. After all, they had grown accustomed to doing this via websites. Thankfully, the transition to Amadeus and ancillary services has been a smooth one. This has been mainly thanks to its simplicity and the fact that a limited number of entries are necessary to complete processes.

We are very satisfied with the results and we also received much support. Initially, Amadeus handled the work proactively, but we also received quick reference guides from Amadeus that allowed us to quickly inform our people of these entries. So, in practice this proved to be a very simple process and we are delighted with how it has progressed.

The time saved, the integration between front, mid, and back office, the complete PNRs we receive, the ancillary services reports we can send customers, and those kinds of things, have helped us with our market position and Amadeus, our technology partner, has indeed given us a competitive advantage.


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