How my regimented daily life makes me a Simplicity Searcher when it comes to travel

Mark Liew

Social Media Consultant, Amadeus IT Group

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After reaching the office, my day unfolds in much the same way as my morning – everything regimented and done in a specific order. Admittedly, quite boring and predictable, but just how I like it. If something disrupts this however, like for example I can’t get a taxi in the morning, I can’t get to the gym, or football gets cancelled last-minute – I freak out. I’ve figured out that this is because at that moment I am no longer in control and the world literally crumbles around me.

Simplicity searcher infographic


My life revolves around routine, especially during the work week. Without it I am like a deer in headlights. I wake up at 07:30, brush my teeth, shower, throw on some clothes, grab a bowl of cereal, and most importantly – get my morning fix (coffee of course!), before briskly jumping in a taxi by 08:00 to make my way to the office.

In stark contrast though, when it comes to planning holidays and travel – I have no qualms whatsoever about letting go. I am completely and utterly at ease with delegating those duties, and the stress that comes with it, to someone else to deal with. That’s not to say I completely let go or entrust others to make the decisions – it’s still my holiday after all. I just prefer others with expertise about the destination to shortlist the different options and activities for me. I’ll then research these by myself to see if they tick all the boxes.

Once on holiday, I switch from being a control freak to being rather serendipitous. Sure the basics need to be done right – travelling itself should be an enjoyable experience and the hotel and amenities should be great, but that’s where my expectations end. When I reach my destination I switch off and just go with the flow. I love not having schedule, waking up when I want and just being spontaneous in how I go about my day. This keeps things easy, simple and stress-free.

As far as sightseeing and tours go, I tend to steer away from the guided tours as I feel they are too commercial. It feels a bit like a conveyor belt where you are whisked to and from places before you can even appreciate them properly. When visiting a certain landmark or attraction, I want to go at my own pace – spending as much (or as little!) time as I wish at a particular spot. So I usually speak to the hotel concierge and ask them about best sights and places to visit and then visit at my leisure.

In a nutshell, it seems whilst my everyday life is governed by routine, when it comes to travel, it is the very thing that I avoid at all costs, making me a perfect fit with theSimplicity Searchertribe from theFuture Traveller Tribes 2030report. Take thequizand find out which tribe you belong to!