Voopter: How our metasearch has prospered in a challenging economy

Pettersom Paiva

CEO, Voopter

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In an emerging market like Brazil where travelers are flying more often than ever, it’s important to have travel technology players with local expertise. This will ensure travel sellers have the innovative content and solutions they need to meet the increased demand.

For more than five years now, we’ve been in the business of providing the Brazilian market with a unique flight metasearch that helps travelers find the best deals. Initially, my business partner and I gained our experience in metasearch working in Europe at various travel players, both small and large. We then took what we learned and applied what we could to Brazil, taking into account the local market characteristics.

The same year we were founded, we were still a small six-person team just getting started in Brazil and understanding what it takes to bring a new metasearch to a country undergoing an economic churn. It was at this point that we were approached by TechCrunch. The online startup and technology publication was interested in profiling Voopter and how we were an up and coming metasearch entering Brazil’s challenging market. The story was a defining moment for us and made us very proud.

Having said that, we wanted to make Voopter more than your typical flight metasearch company. What differentiated us, and what we relied on most, was the content that we catered to the Brazilian audience. Today, I am glad that we chose that personalized content as the most important part of our business. Our success formula is not about being at the end of the conversion funnel but about regularly curating content that generates engagement and conversation. Our ‘Promotion and Tips’ page is updated daily and includes cheap flight promotions and educational content covering everything from Brazilian visa requirements, shopping abroad and customs, the trendiest European destinations to visit during summer and more. 

We first met Amadeus while we were in Berlin and on the verge of launching Voopter in Brazil. At the time, we were looking for a proactive partner with strong relationships with most of our key clients and whose technology and solutions were robust, strong and reliable. Amadeus checked all of these boxes, and it quickly became apparent that we were also aligned in terms of our goals and objectives – a perfect recipe for a long-term relationship. 

Amadeus has been deeply involved in our product development plans over the years, supporting us at every step along the way. This has helped us to cultivate a very close partnership – so much so that we are frequently asked to beta test Amadeus’ new solutions!

Finally, it was important to us that Amadeus had a local presence in Brazil, as this demonstrated Amadeus’ commitment to and belief in the market. The people and technology that make up the Live Travel Space truly back this up, and we couldn’t be happier with our dynamic partnership with Amadeus. 

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