How hotels can make an event perfect every time

John-Michael Jenkins

Director, Product Marketing, Hospitality, Amadeus

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It is every meeting planner’s nightmare; hours spent arranging the perfect meeting or event but a technical hitch means that attendees walk away remembering the day for all the wrong reasons. Who can forget the failure of the torch to light at the Winter Olympics opening ceremony at Sochi? Certainly not an event or meeting planner.

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For event planners, being able to anticipate each potential problem is a key characteristic. This is made easy when working with venues that are familiar, or people that are known. However, as the events industry becomes ever more global, this is a luxury that many events planners do not have. Venues and hotels seeking to maximise revenues through corporate meetings, conferences and events need to position themselves as reliable providers.

For hotels, building that trust with event planners can be done in several ways:

Delivering exactly what is expected

Hotels and venues need to deliver exactly what is marketed and expected by planners. If a planner is tasked with arranging a corporate a training session, for example, they need to be assured all attendees will have an unobstructed view of the speaker and the room setup encourages discussion and participation. Understanding details such as room capacities based on seating options and the configuration options for each meeting room is a must-have for meeting planners.

Personalise it for your planner and for their attendees

There’s no doubting the fact that personalisation is no longer a “nice-to-have” feature. It’s expected by everyone. When working with your planners, be sure to tailor their event to the needs of their attendees. Suggest unique setups, meal selections, and common space accessibility that encourages interaction and collaboration. Helping drive value for attendees will ensure repeat business.

Collaborating with the rest of the industry

Once the venue is booked and plans are underway, a planner’s job is far from over. Often event planners need to communicate with hotels at the last minute. They need to be able to make requests before the event takes place and can do so using tools designed to help different segments of the industry work better together. In order to ensure everyone stays up to date and critical tasks and requests are dealt with swiftly, collaboration is fundamental and technology can support this.

Mobile first

By enabling planners with mobile options, they can always remain one step ahead and respond to any issues in an agile manner. In the ‘always on’ digital world of today, we are accustomed to instant messaging, real-time information and collaboration; and there is no reason why these tools shouldn’t be leveraged by meeting planners. It is critical that the whole travel and events industry works together to deliver the best experience it can to its customers, with making high-revenue events, such as corporate meetings and conferences, as simple as possible.

When working with planners, venues investing in collaboration tools will enable critical tasks to be completed faster and eliminate costly misunderstandings, which can ultimately lead to more business opportunities.

Amadeus supports hotels in maximising revenue from meetings, conferences and events by providing them with the tools to more effectively interact with event planners and organisers. To learn more – check out the Amadeus Sales & Event Management site.