How do you win one of the biggest government travel tenders in Australian history?

Russell Carstensen

Group General Manager, from Australian travel management company, QBT

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Amadeus recently invited me to their offices to discuss why we were named the sole provider of travel management services to the Whole of Australian-Government, which is one of the largest travel contracts in Australian history.

QBT and Amadeus

We firmly believe that our partnership with Amadeus was an incredibly important part of this result, and in particular demonstrating how we could work together to meet the needs of all 142 government agencies.

A critical component of this was Amadeus’ market leading technology platforms, including Amadeus e-Travel Management (their integrated online and mobile global booking tool).

We aim to provide the traveller with the best experience they can possibly get. The key to this is understanding what your travellers want and providing them with a simple way of getting it.

Today’s reality is that it’s not about calling up your travel management company anymore. Our customers want instant information and immediate action.

This means that travellers need to be able to make decisions and manage their travel 100% online, and they should be able to do that 24/7.

Complete transparency is also critical. Our policy has always been to have a completely open transparent relationship with our customers as well as our suppliers and Amadeus is an important part of that.

Have a look at the video for more insights from both QBT and Amadeus.


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