How can technology take the stress out of travel?

John Webb

Social Media Consultant, Amadeus

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If you’ve ever travelled long haul, then you know all too well what it feels like to go through an airport after a 12 hour flight.


The seemingly never ending queues, invasive security checks, and the possibility of mishandled luggage combined with long haul transit times can create the perfect conditions for a stress related meltdown.

However, as technology develops, it will offer some relieffrom these travel ills.

The technology that will make the most difference will be those that treat the causes of anxiety for the traveller, rather than the symptoms.

These sorts of tools would include:

  • Sensor-enabled intelligent luggagethat will tell the traveller where it is, and take some of the stress out of airport baggage reclaim.
  • Intelligent tickets that can update the traveller on delays or changes, manage connections for them, or give them the flexibility to change their plans for a small amount of money if they miss their flight.

Additionally, the broad definition of wellbeing closely links health and beauty – feeling fit, being happy, looking good, etc.

Our research shows that almost two thirds of people think managing how they look and feel while travelling is important. The highest proportion (72%) is in developing economies, where the number of travellers is likely to increase.

This creates potential for technologies that help people manage the way they look – not just more sophisticated health and beauty applications, but also sleep reminders and sleep management tools.

For more insights into the future applications of technology in travel – have a look at our From Chaos to Collaborationreport from earlier this year.

How do you think technology will help take the stress out of travel in the future?