How Amadeus made an impact on Global Volunteer Day

Sabine Hansen Peck

SVP People, Culture, Communication & Brand, Amadeus

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In France, we built warm homes to shelter insects and birds during the colder months.

In South Africa, we scrubbed and painted bridges, bird hides and benches at Cumberland Bird Sanctuary.

In Thailand, we planted mangroves to stabilize coastlines and protect critical habitats for local animals.

And in Ecuador, we worked at a dog shelter to help more than 600 dogs.
But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

This year we linked all our #AmadeusVolunteer activities to “Green is the New Blue”, a new internal awareness campaign that focuses on green issues and involved more than 6800 employees over 5 months. Our objective was to maximize the positive impact on our communities by helping protect biodiversity at a local level.

The results are in, and the day was a huge success. In total, 2,675 Amadeus employees from more than 58 offices participated in volunteer activities, contributing 13,870 volunteer hours to help 53 NGOs and local partners around the world. Working together from Kazakhastan to Taiwan, Mexico City to Copenhagen and Singapore to Miami, our teams picked up over 24,000 kg of trash, and planted 2,703 trees as well as 2,745 shrubs.

Amadeus has made a real difference in the communities we operate in and it’s all thanks to our amazing and generous volunteers, who were willing to step outside of their comfort zone to try something new. When employees from a company the size of Amadeus decide to roll up their sleeves, it’s truly incredible what can be achieved in just one day. 

And volunteering isn’t just good for local communities; it’s great for employees too. During my own volunteer experience, I was able to meet new colleagues from other offices and to team up with people with intellectual disabilities to clean up and recondition a local park near Madrid. It was very rewarding, and I got as much from it as I gave: making connections, understanding the importance of including everyone in society and improving the local environment. Volunteering is truly a win-win situation for everyone involved. We all left with a big smile on our face, and the feeling that on this day, we made the world (or at least a little part of it), a better place.

Engaging our employees in volunteer work is just one of the ways we help the travel industry grow more responsibly. Having a public-facing Corporate Social Responsibility policy that outlines our good intentions is important, but it’s through the passionate work of our employees on the ground that we truly demonstrate our commitment to our communities and to building a more responsible and sustainable travel and tourism industry.

Global Volunteer Day has been a great success, and we’re already looking forward to our next volunteering day and making a positive impact on local communities again in 2020! 


Social Responsibility, Environmental Sustainability