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How AI and blockchain will impact the travel industry

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The travel industry has always been a technological pioneer. One way to excel as an independent travel agent? Take full advantage of innovations such as AI and blockchain. Amadeus cooperated with Travel Tomorrow to help you get started.

The online customer journey is all about…

Money, right? Wrong.

A relevant offering and end-to-end convenience are increasingly valuable to today’s travellers. Thanks to the disruptive potential of new technologies such as blockchain and Artificial Intelligence (AI), those benefits are now within your reach:

Cost reduction

AI can automate human tasks. Think robots that take care of room service, check-in or luggage in the hotel of the future.

Personalised offering

Data-driven decision making and automated personalisation lead to dramatic improvements to the customer journey.

Catch up with the digital transformation in travel

Amadeus – together with 28 travel industry experts and 7 technical advisors from Travel Tomorrow – performed extensive research into the applications of AI and blockchain in the travel industry and published their findings in a free bluepaper: Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain: Teaming up for simplicity. (Download link below.)

The research is part of a larger initiative called ShoppingTomorrow and is published in a Dutch book:Tijd voor transformatie: VERANDER VANDAAG!.

Artificial Intelligence as the ultimate personalisation

You’ve already noticed how big data and the internet of things are changing our society. In turn, the abundance of data that results from these evolutions serves a whole new technology: Artificial Intelligence.

AI is now capable of achieving a deep understanding of each traveller and can customize travel content accordingly. Additionally, AI-applications such as personal assistants can thoroughly simplify the booking process for both sides.

The reliable benefits of blockchain

As a faithful reader of this blog, you know that blockchain is a decentralized record of transactions that cannot be altered after the initial input.

The real-life applications of the blockchain technology, however, are still quite limited. One area that is already being integrated into a blockchain is hotel capacity. The result? No more surprises. Blockchain ecosystems stimulate reliable and seamless customer journeys.

Cooperation as the key to success

The impact of AI and blockchain is undeniable, yet these technologies can still seem out of reach.

Whether it’s a lack the technical expertise or the hesitance to share information with competition, travel agents need to overcome their challenges as soon as possible and set up mutually beneficial networks.

These networks will help you offer more convenient and enriching customer experiences – on- and offline.

Download your free copy of our bluepaper

Can’t wait to turn AI and blockchain to your advantage as a travel agent? Start your journey well-informed and get your copy here (PDF – direct download).