How hoteliers are delivering a personalised guest experience

Rich Matthes

Product Strategist, Amadeus Hospitality, Amadeus IT Group

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Subtract the destination and, for most travellers, hotels feel pretty much the same the world over. But this is all changing thanks to technology, and the hotel stay of the future will be a truly personalised experience. Your preferred temperature settings, favorite pillow type, and that particular brand of shampoo that keeps your hair tame will soon be standard amenities.

How hoteliers are delivering a personalised guest experience

Personalisation is a concept that lies at the very heart of the travel industry: the art of making people feel at home. But the challenge with personalisation when it comes to the hotel sector is that it’s not enough to know who your guest is. You also need to know the context of their travel. What the same person will want can be very different when travelling for business or leisure, and on whether they are travelling alone versus as a couple, family or in a group.

Examples of how hoteliers are delivering a personalised guest experience include:

Personalisation of services

Hotels can now tailor your hotel experience, based on the information they have from your booking. For example, are you visiting for work or for pleasure, travelling solo or with a group, travelling on a budget or splurging on extras?

Knowing what you like

The bigger hotel chains are creating unique customer profiles. No matter where you stay, they know your preferences and can create a personalised experience, from your preferred type of room, right down to your favorite type of pillow. One unique profile across the entire hotel chain, helps them unify the hotel guest experience, whether you’re staying with them for business or leisure.

Creating a room just for you

Some hotels are even allowing you to choose the amenities in your room. For example, you might prefer a big comfy chair and ottoman in the room to read in rather than a desk. Or items like smaller slippers or a larger robe.

Catering to your tastes

Hoteliers should be able to personalise your meal options depending on your dietary requirements. If you’re a vegetarian, then the hotel should know that no matter where you are eating in the property – whether you’re ordering room service or grabbing a snack at the bar.

Anticipating your needs

Hoteliers should be able to anticipate your needs.  If you make certain requests frequently (i.e. for toothpaste to be sent to your room) the hotel has the ability to create customer delight by delivering that amenity to your room before you arrive.

Next Generation Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems

A CRM fed with information from engineers and housekeepers who have received special training so that they can scan the room and make observations can be a powerful tool. If they see, for example, that somebody has running shoes, the hotel can leave them extra bottles of water or perhaps the latest issue of ‘Running Magazine’.

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