Future-proofing hotel operations and addressing the new realities of guest relations

John-Michael Jenkins

Director, Product Marketing, Hospitality, Amadeus

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Flexibility is a defining trait for any successful general manager (GM) in today’s hospitality industry. Like their predecessors, today’s best GMs have a keen eye for detail and an exceptional talent for solving problems on the fly. But the hotel industry is changing in ways that create challenges for achieving its goals related to guest experiences, team empowerment and flawless execution. This is the basis of our eBook, Hotel Management 2020: The Guide to Future-Proofing Operations to Drive Revenue and Address the New Realities of Guest Relations.

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Despite the challenges, forward-looking GMs recognize that this is a time of unprecedented, wide-open opportunity. The industry as a whole is strong and healthy; new competitors with disruptive business models, such as Airbnb and HomeAway, appear to be growing alongside traditional hotels, rather than simply taking away market share.

This eBook looks at how these themes of change, challenge, and opportunity play out in key areas for any hotel: reservations, operations, sales and catering, maintenance, facilities, housekeeping and room service. In each area, it shows GMs how the right technology choices allow them to manage costs without sacrificing flawless execution or compromising the guest experience. Finally, it offers actionable next steps a GM can take to capture these benefits for their own hotels.

This may seem like an interesting way to begin a discussion of the future of hotel management — a topic where one expects technology to play a prominent role. It serves, however, to remind us that successful GMs, and successful hotels, still put people first, creating exceptional guest experiences and empowering their teams to deliver those experiences.

Technology does indeed play a major role in achieving these goals. But that role is based first and foremost on flawless execution — eliminating the sources of friction in a hotel organization; getting the right information to the right place at the right time; freeing staff to focus on high-value activities; and giving guests an experience that anticipates and addresses their needs at every turn.

Everybody, to some extent, must rethink how to define and execute their business goals — a situation that gives progressive, truly forward-thinking hotel GMs the benefits of a first-mover advantage.

We invite you to download Hotel Management 2020: The Guide to Future-Proofing Operations to Drive Revenue and Address the New Realities of Guest Relations here.