Collaborating to win in the hotel distribution playing field

Peter Waters

Director of Hotels, Mobility and Insurance, Amadeus

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Putting our customers at the center or everything we do is a priority for us. This is why we gathered around 140 executives from the global hospitality sector to have an open and honest discussion about the landscape of today’s hotel industry, the guests of tomorrow, and the expectations that we not only need to meet, but exceed. These conversations form the basis of our new report: Open the door to opportunity: collaborating to win in the hotel distribution playing field.

Hotel Distribution Trends - What's shaping the industry

We see three key trends in the hotel industry we need to watch, learn from, and make a strategic decision on: scale and diversification, personalization, and innovation. By taking a deeper look at these trends, this paper identifies key recommendations forhotel distributionindustry players, both big and small.

We think that innovation and technology are the key to tackling new customer behaviors. We want this paper to be the follow up to the conversations we had with our customers at the Amadeus Hotel Exchange and over the past year. We need to keep that conversation going: the pace of change is only going to get faster, and the already competitive landscape will see more new entrants from all corners. The topics highlighted in the paper can anchor those conversations.

At Amadeus, we are passionate in our pursuit of better technology that improves our customers’ and, in turn, their customers’ experiences. We will succeed by working together to help everyone shape their own journeys. It’s time to explore ideas and not be afraid to try things, fail and then move on.

I invite you to download a copy ofOpen the door to opportunity: collaborating to win in the hotel distribution playing field. We look forward to hearing your thoughts on this paper, and to working together to inspire better guest experiences, overcome industry challenges, and shape the future of travel.