Amadeus Hotel Insight: it is indeed, the ultimate 'data playground'!

Elisabeth Kipoto-Koehler

Project & Electronic Distribution Manager, Trust International

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At Trust International, we're a representation company that looks after many hotel chains, so it can be a challenge to produce multiple business reports for each of our customers. We found that the booking information we received from Amadeus was very data heavy, so we regularly had to ask our Amadeus Account Manager to produce ad hoc reports for us, in a format that was more useful and understandable to our hotel chains.


A more user-friendly tool

When we were asked to complete the Hotel Customer Satisfaction Survey back in 2011, this was one of our requests: 'a more user-friendly interface to produce booking reports as and when we need them, for each of our customers.' A year later, we were delighted to be part of the pilot group asked to test the new Amadeus Hotel Insighttool, an online business intelligence tool which allows hotels and representation companies to track their performance, analyse booking patterns and identify new business opportunities. Instead of a bulk data feed, we were presented with an interactive dashboard, from which we could perform many common queries, such as:

  • evolution of bookings for my chains per year
  • top 15 destination markets
  • top 15 travel agents making the highest volume of bookings
  • top 15 rate codes per booking comparison with revenue

This made it so much easier to transform booking data into meaningful business reports, and if there were functionalities that weren't there, Amadeus did their best to add them (such as providing a filter for us to produce reports by chain rather than for the whole Trust group). Another important point is how the information is displayed - Amadeus Hotel Insight lets you view each report in a graphical format, making it quick and easy to get an instant overview of booking trends and volumes. If we want to drill down to a particular property, date or rate code, we can do this by clicking on the graph, or exporting the information to Excel. It couldn't be simpler!

At Trust International, we love it!

Amadeus Hotel Insight has become an essential tool for us and we use it at least twice a week to keep a close eye on how each of our properties is performing. It also helps us provide an essential consultancy service to our hotels, as we can give them regular and detailed updates on their individual business performance.

Great job Amadeus - thank you for developing Amadeus Hotel Insight!


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