Unifying hospitality technology to better serve the needs of the industry

Lee Horgan

CEO, Amadeus Hospitality, Amadeus IT Group

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As I enjoy the lively discussions at HITEC 2016, taking place here in New Orleans, Louisiana, I’ve had a bit of time to reflect on my more than 20 year career in the hospitality industry. We’ve seen so many advancements in hospitality during that time, but now, as I look to the future, I’m more excited than ever as the guest takes center stage.


Technology within the hospitality industry is still very fragmented between traditional IT specialists, global technology providers, and in-house creations. The hospitality industry has not kept pace with others, primarily due to the high total cost of ownership associated with current systems, point to point interfaces and legacy siloed systems built in closed architecture.

Simplifying Hospitality Operations

At Amadeus, we are working on moving away from fragmented systems in order to simplify hospitality operations – whether that be for a brand, chain, or a boutique property. Our vision is to bring all of these solutions together in a component-based platform so hospitality professionals won’t need to worry about interfaces and integrations of various systems and will be able to focus on creating an unforgettable guest experience. Delivering this memorable experience for a guest is the key to staying competitive, and generating loyalty.

Bringing this vision to life requires a great deal of collaboration. As such, I am proud to formally introduce the new hospitality division within Amadeus, which unifies the former Amadeus Hotel IT division and the recently acquired companies Newmarket, Itesso, hotel SystemsPro, under one banner. This unification helps us better cater to the big driver of change in the hospitality sector: the guest – who is more educated, more connected, and demands more transparency than ever before.

Amadeus' Position

While the current hospitality IT landscape remains fragmented, I believe Amadeus is uniquely positioned to help hospitality professionals reach their business goals. Our technology builds on the industry’s best solutions in four key functional areas: Sales & Catering, Hospitality Operations, Property Management, and Central Reservations, all focused on a better end-to-end experience for guests, employees, management teams and partners.

This transition won’t happen overnight, however I am confident that many have already seen the need for a complete end-to-end solution. What makes me even more excited is that I’m hearing the same message from our customers! Our technology will help hospitality professionals better serve their guests, by helping them adapt business models to the changing industry trends, differentiate their brand offering, and share success as we embark on this journey together.