Hong Kong International Airport and Amadeus celebrate collaboration

Vivian Cheung

Deputy Director of Airport Operations, Airport Authority Hong Kong

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At Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA), we were proud to host Amadeus at a ceremony, here in Hong Kong. The ceremony celebrated the signing of contracts relating to the development and launch of revolutionary Common Use Self-Service (iCUSS) mobile check-in kiosks in partnership with Amadeus.

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This was a significant milestone for both HKIA and Amadeus. We believe that iCUSS will reinvent the way travellers check in, by transforming traditional check-in operations into a streamlined and automated, self-service process. iCUSS kiosks allow passengers to auto check-in, print their bag tags, and check their passport, all in one place, all at one time.

The signing of these contracts also represents a new era of collaboration between HKIA and Amadeus, as we work together to create innovative technologies that can enhance the airportexperience.

iCUSS kiosks will change the way travellers experience airports

Revolutionary new iCUSS mobile check-in kiosks will change the way travellers check-in. The kiosks are completely wireless and portable thanks to discrete wheels. They can be quickly and easily moved and placed anywhere to match passenger flow both in and outside of airports. This will substantially reduce queues at check-in counters, by alleviating pressure on traffic ‘hot spots’, when and where they occur.

Not only this, but thanks to iCUSS’ ‘SmartCheck’ application, airport staff and travellers can access any airline from any iCUSS mobile check-in kiosk. This is made possible with Amadeus’ common use cloud based technology, ACUS.

The ‘SmartCheck’ app, in addition to its simplified user interface design, is also a ‘plug-and-play’ concept using web services connection with airlines Departure Control System (DCS) which allows airlines to instantly enjoy both self-service and full-service modes without incurring time and cost to build or deploy their applications.  It’s particularly beneficial to foreign carriers of an airport or low cost airlines.

Agile, innovative, and easy-to-use, iCUSS kiosks are a leap forward in airport technology.

Launch is the culmination of two years research and development

The launch of iCUSS is the culmination of two years of HKIA research into how to streamline the check-in process.

Over this time, we at HKIA enlisted the support of some of our airline partners to assist with the proof of concept. This was to ensure that iCUSS systems fit into real world airport operations.

After two years of study, we chose to partner with Amadeus as they share the same vision to reinvent the traditional way travellers check-in.

HKIA looks forward to working with Amadeus

Amadeus-Hong Kong team

We look forward to working with Amadeus to significantly reduce passenger processing times to save airline resources, and to extend this revolutionary new technology to other airports.

With our cooperation with Amadeus, we believe iCUSS will set a new check-in standard in the airport industry.


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