SVP of Distribution, Holger Taubmann, discusses the future of travel

Daniel Batchelor

Global Head of Corporate Communications, Amadeus IT Group

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We caught up with our Senior VP of Distribution, Holger Taubmann, to hear his thoughts on the major travel trends identified in our landmark report launched earlier this year – Shaping the Future of Travel.

In the interview, Holger talks about how this is a golden decade for travel with great opportunity for travel players to provide more personalised services and he looks at the key future trends that will make travel more connected and sustainable.

Holger also discusses Amadeus’ position as a thought leader in the travel industry and the important opportunities we all have to shape the future of travel by improving the passenger experience. He highlights that it is important to place the traveller in context, depending on who or where he/she is, and what their needs are at that given moment in time. This will enable travel providers to reach their customers with valued offers as and when they are needed. He also believes that User Generated Content will play an important role in personalising search, in order to deliver tailored results for individuals depending on their preferences.

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Holger Taubmann, SVP Distribution, Discusses the Future of Travel


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