Hervé Couturier elaborates on Open Technology at Amadeus

Neil Rogan

Corporate Communications Manager, Amadeus IT Group

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Hervé Couturier, Amadeus’ Executive Vice President of Research & Development, heads up a team of over 5,000 software developers across over 20 different sites worldwide. It should come as no surprise that he’s passionate about Open Technology, so we sat down with him to find out just what role it plays at Amadeus and what it means for the travel industry as a whole.

In this video, Hervé talks about why Amadeus invests heavily in Open Technology, what we’re doing with it specifically, and the benefits it presents to our customers.

Hervé Couturier on why Amadeus invests in Open Technology

Why is cloud important to Amadeus and the travel industry? Hervé answers this question and elaborates on how the cloud is much more agile and efficient when it comes to the deployment of new applications.

Why is cloud important to Amadeus and the travel industry?

Finally, Hervé explains the impact of cloud computing on travellers, software providers, and corporations.

What is the impact of cloud computing on the travel indsutry?

What are your key takeaways? How do you think Open Technology will impact the travel industry? Let us know below or send us a tweet!


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