Hepstar and Amadeus partner to unlock travel insurance sales in Africa

Claudia Snyman

COO, Hepstar

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The excitement of planning a long awaited holiday can often overshadow one of the most important aspects of a traveller’s trip: Travel Insurance. Not only is it a requirement for obtaining a visa in many countries, it is a must-have to ensure travellers are covered against the high costs of medical and related services abroad, as well as unforeseen mishaps. Travel insurance should form part of every travel agent’s service offering to ensure travellers receive a full travel package.

Hepstar Insurance and Amadeus

Travel agents in Africa booking trips via Amadeus for their clients were faced with limited travel insurance options. This was a real drawback for African travel agency clients looking for a one-stop travel-shop to plan their holidays.

Hepstar provides a unique solution for this dilemma due to our ability to aggregate insurance products from multiple insurers across the globe. By integrating into Amadeus Insurance Hosting, we are able to bridge the gap between insurers and travel agents in Africa to unlock travel insurance sales. Travel agents will have easy access to many well-known insurance companies’ travel products. Best of all, the insurance bookings are fully integrated with a travel agency’s back office systems, so there’s no need to enter trip and traveller details twice, helping agents to work more efficiently.

We are extremely happy to partner with Amadeus. Our integration means that all of our insurance providers will gain exposure to a huge network of travel agents throughout Africa. This will be hugely beneficial for travel agents, for insurance providers and ultimately, for travellers in Africa.

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