Heathrow Express first to deliver seamless ticketing to London visitors

Fraser Brown

Director, Heathrow Express

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Every day, 17,000 passengers choose the smarter way to travel between Heathrow Airport and central London. This 15 minute journey, and passengers’ overall airport experience, is now even more seamless thanks to our new agreement with Amadeus which enables travel agents around the world to sell Heathrow Express tickets during flight or hotel bookings.

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As part of their usual booking process, travel agents are notified of the latest availability by an intuitive pop-up bar and in just two clicks can add aHeathrow Expressticket to the customer’s itinerary.

Booking with ease

This fully integrated ticketing option means passengers have one complete itinerary for their journey, creating a much more efficient, door-to-door travel experience. For travel agents, enabling a two-click booking system saves the time and effort required to make a separate booking.

Being the first express train company to offer this service through the new Amadeus Selling Platform module is very exciting, as the doors are now open for our fares to be distributed to Amadeus’ extensive travel agency customer base. This will deliver Heathrow Express to new customers which holds great potential for increasing sales revenue.

Heathrow Express has a proud history of innovation and delivering a seamless travel experience is a significant part of efforts to provide the best airport experience in the world.

This month, Heathrow Express became the first airport express service to be available on the Amadeus Selling Platform.  The service will be implemented in the UK, France, Germany, Scandinavia and Russia, with global roll-out expected in 2016.

See more information in theAmadeus newsroom.


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