What happens when Finnair, Skyscanner, and Amadeus join forces to boost conversions with Altéa NDC

Andrés Delgado Velandia

Portfolio Marketing Manager, Airline Merchandising Solutions, Amadeus IT Group

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Travellers use transparent comparisons as a means of making decisions – and their purchase – as quickly and seamlessly as possible. Metasearch tools have been quick to pick up on this, and offer travellers instant comparison at a glance. And over time, more and more travellers have come to rely on these tools to help them make their selection.



But a key limitation of metasearch historically, has been its ability to show the details of an airline’s offer, like ancillary services, booking fees, and website redirection, early on. Users have been required to go to the airline website to access such information, which interrupts the shopping flow and can impact conversion. Amadeus teamed up with Finnairand Skyscannerto overcome these changes. Thanks to Amadeus Altéa NDC, travellers have a better view of the range of airline offerings and can book these offers directly in Skyscanner, as we announced earlier this year.

Finnair implements Altéa NDC

We’ve been working closely with Finnair on NDC, most recently at the IATA NDC Hackathon. Initially, Finnair implemented Amadeus Altéa NDC in January 2017 to support its digital transformation. This implementation paved the way to distributing Finnair’s content directly to metasearch players and travel retailers, and Finnair piloted the solution with Skyscanner, one of the world’s leading metasearch sites.

What does Altéa NDC bring to Finnair?

  • Real-time distribution of fares and ancillaries
  • Directly display and sell its offers – including flights, ancillary services – in the Skyscanner booking flow
  • Finnair's customers can upsell their Fare Families within this platform
  • A smooth shopping experience from ‘look to book’

What does Altea NDC bring to travellers?

As well as adding value to Finnair, the solution gives travellers all the elements they need to assess and compare the true value of a ticket. Once they’ve made their decision, the sale can be completed without leaving the Skyscanner platform and from any device.

Since the launch of Amadeus Altéa NDC, Finnair has witnessed a steady upward trend in successful bookings in the markets that have implemented the solution. From January to June, the airline had an average 30% growth in bookings through the Skyscanner connection, while the click to book rating jumped four points – from 8% to 12%. With Amadeus as its IT partner, Finnair has been able to unlock additional revenues that the airline was potentially missing out on before, while bringing customer experience to the next level.

Download the case studyand check out this videoto find out more about Finnair’s use of Amadeus Altéa NDC.


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