Handiscover partners with Amadeus to offer even more accessible accommodation

Sébastien Archambeaud

Founder and CEO, Handiscover

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My family and I love travelling. Conquering all of the world’s continents is our dream, even after my son was diagnosed with a severe muscle disease. He has to use a wheelchair, which posed a big challenge when it came to finding accommodation that fit our needs. It was even more frustrating when some accommodations were not as accessible as they claimed.

That’s why I created Handiscover in 2015. My aim was to become the leading holiday accommodation booking site for people with reduced mobility or special needs. We are well on our way to achieving this goal by partnering with Amadeus to offer hotel bookings.

Like many of us, people with reduced mobility are eager to explore the world and have new experiences. According to the latest accessible travel study by Amadeus, Europe and the United States together represent a EUR 61.9 billion market in accessible tourism.

With the increasing travel needs and expectations from travelers and the aging population in mind, there will be a growing demand for accessible accommodations. As such, having a stable and substantial supply of adapted rooms across the globe, keeping the portfolios updated and having them classified accurately according to their accessibility is key for companies like us to make the most of accessible tourism.

Handiscover leverages technology to accurately define accessibility of properties and to classify them with highlights of their accessibility features, like a ramp at entrance, wide doors, and toilets with grab rails. At the core lies our accessibility questionnaire that our hosts and hotels have to fill in. Our algorithm then classifies the properties. Currently, we have over 23,000 certified properties online and hundreds of thousands of hotel accessible via our customer support using Amadeus' system. We are also planning to enhance our accessibility features to address more disabilities like visual impairment and hearing impairment.

That means travelers can easily find accommodation that suits their budget and travel style across the world and particularly in Europe where our main focus is. Simply put, we strive to create a world without limits for our community. We also inspire our community to travel by regularly publishing great content such as our popular Accessible City Guides and engaging blog posts and social media.

Handiscover is very happy to partner with Amadeus to expand into hotel bookings. This will connect our customers to many more choices, helping them explore the world. It is great to see the rising social awareness and business interest of offering accessible travel for all.


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