Eat, sleep, and code: Attending my first Hackathon in Bangalore

Stephanie Strunk

Senior Analyst, Corporate Strategy, Amadeus Asia Pacific

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Weekends are precious time to do the things we enjoy most. Some of us recharge our batteries at the gym, sleep late, or spend time with friends. However, in Bangalore during our second Futurize Hackathon weekend, it was all about eating, sleeping, and coding for the Amadeus employees in attendance.

workers chatting in the office

The 54-hour hackathon, organised by our R&D centre in Bangalore, in partnership with Amadeus NEXT, was an adrenaline and coffee-fuelled event with the ambition to deliver game changing travel ideas to challenge the status quo for Asia Pacific in a start-up like environment. Over 163 enthusiastic employees in 45 teams joined the Hackathon with ideas related to personalisation, trip planning, travel ideas for India, the Internet of Things, and travel intelligence.

The event brought together two important pillars – technology and business. Neither can work as a standalone and ensuring the two work hand-in-hand is crucial. Great technology has to be there but it needs to work for a commercial benefit.


Problem solving

In one-on-one sessions, Amadeus advisors from Corporate Strategy challenged the teams to think about a problem to solve, early adopters to target, and the Minimum Viable Product to build. Teams were pushed to question the worthiness of their ideas to enhance the odds for survival and to provide solutions that the outside world really wants and needs.

There’s sometimes a pre conceived notion that a developer’s strength might not be in presenting and pitching ideas, but this was soon proved wrong! With limited time, tools and only a little guidance, we were blown away by the quality of their pitches, making it very difficult for the judges to choose a winner.

planning time in the office

Without realising, the teams transitioned into start-ups almost overnight, by quickly iterating their ideas, progressing through validated learnings, and deciding on whether to pivot or persevere.

We were impressed by their dedication, not only to work non-stop, but to constantly improve, take on feedback and do things better. That determination to come up with the ultimate value proposition to ease our customers’ lives is what we value at Amadeus and what we aim to drive evermore with Amadeus NEXT.

office workers posing for a picture

What a weekend packed with young, bright minds full of team spirit and motivation to win the competition. After a marathon session of coding, five teams made it to the finals. Amadeus NEXT will validate the ideas hoping to turn the good ideas into awesome solutions that could potentially shape the future of travel.


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