Going green like Kermit for a sustainable future

Satu Raunola

Marketing Communications Manager, Amadeus IT Pacific

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If you think ‘green’, what comes to mind? Green fields of grass, green tea, those awful green health drinks that make you sick….Or maybe you think Kermit the frog like we do…?



So what better name than “Project Kermit” to start our new effort to be ‘greener’ and reduce Amadeus IT Pacific’s environmental impact?

As one of the 10 largest Amadeus sites in terms of employee numbers, weregularly monitorour energy and resource consumption to make sure we’re on track.

Being more environmentally friendly is something we all want to do, but priorities at work or home tend to come first. So our "Project Kermit” goal was to make it simple and pain-free for our already willing employees to be greener.

We started with three simple ideas.

1.  Recycling. We offered clearly marked areas for different types of waste, and made sure staff knew exactly where to put what. Simple right? But it’s made a big difference.

2.  “Follow me printing”. This Amadeus initiative means you only print when and where you want. Employees from our offices in Australia and New Zealand can print at any printer - they just need to log-on. Gone are the days of all those unwanted print outs when you send things to the wrong printer (easier than you may think) or when you print something and forget to collect it.

3.  Sustainable office environment. With our rapidly growing Sydney team (300 and counting) we needed to relocate this year and one of the key considerations for the new office was to find a sustainable space. Our new commercial offices have been designed to achieve a five (5) Star Green Office interior rating and a 5-Star energy NABERS (National Australian Built Environmental Rating System).

I will even be able to bike to work instead of taking a train and store my bike in our new bike racks!

“Project Kermit”

is going to make a big difference, and in a few months we’ll be able to know exactly how many trees we’ve saved so far! Our new sustainable offices will definitely help us be even more inspired to go green. And who knows, I might even dress up in a Kermit costume if it means the Amadeus team will be greener….


Asia Pacific, Australia